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  • Please indicate the following areas in which you would be willing to accept for PRO-BONO cases:

  • The Volunteer Attorney Services offers the following types of services from attorneys that volunteer. Please indicate how many cases you wish to volunteer for:

  • This could include 1) full representation through trial or negotiated settlement; or 2) preparation of all necessary documents in cases which do not include litigation, or 3) representations before administrative agencies.
  • This could include 1) limited legal representation provided by attorney such as representation at one hearing in a case on a particular issue; or 2) drafting the initial paperwork in a dissolution or parentage case and getting an initial TRO, temporary orders, etc.
  • Acceptance of referrals for consultation only in a particular substantive area of law.
  • Assistance on a limited aspect of the client's case. Such as 1) Document Review 2) Telephone Calls 3) Correspondence with opposing party 4) Other.
  • Willing to provide assistance on a reduced fee basis.
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